• Nepal has four main seasons .The mildest climate can be found in Kathmandu Valley. Some places around the kathmandu valley are snowing but mostly places doesn’t get snow but the tempuratures can get very cold.  In monsoon, summer the valley doesn’t get flood but some of the under construction roads do.


  • In the mountains north region weather changes fast very quickly. In winter it is too hazy and snow block the many roads and walking trails due to heavy snow fall and in monsoon some places get landslides.


  • To south in the jungle side many forest/jungles always get hot and humid, some places get big forest fire every year.

Four Seasons of Nepal


Autumn Season

The most popular trekking seasons is Autumn middle of September to Last week of November. This is the very perfect time to visit Nepal if you are going for trekking and other adventurous activities. This is just after monsoon so the air are dry and clear where you can see very beautiful scenic view of white and green mountains. In many places starting blooming different kind of flowers which makes areas so beautiful.

Winter Season

Winter season start in Nepal from December to middle of February throughout Nepal. Big snowfall took places in the northern part of Nepal, the temperature goes very cold and life there will be difficult. Mountains are all covered with snow, and looks beautiful. Trekking and other adventurous are very difficult in winter season.  snow block the many roads and walking trails due to heavy snow fall.


Summer Season

Summer Season Starts from May to June. It gets hot and humid with several monsoon rain on the hottest day. The days are more hazy/cloudy and very hard to see views, stunning scenic mountains.


Spring Season

Spring seasons starts from late February to May, it is the Nepal’s second biggest tourist season. Flowers starts blooming and there will  be some rainfall in the west part. There will be some clouds so mountains view will be not seen from distance but when the weather is clear you can see very beautiful mountains, and landscapes.