What is Trekking?

Trekking is a walking for pleasure. walking is the usual means of reaching most rural destinations. its main objective of walking is to enjoy. It provide peoples’ an opportunity to explore the beautiful scenic white and green mountains, landscape, villages, villagers’ daily lifestyle, and more enjoyments in minimum discomfort. No other country can compete with trekking in Nepal. Nepal is most beautiful and best choice for the peoples’ who loves  trekking. Trekking in Nepal started when a retired British Gurkha officer Lt. col Jimmy Roberts come Nepal for an expedition in 1950′ s. When he was on mountain expedition climbing he saw many Guides, porters taking the lodging things and foods in the mountains, he is the member of Machhapuchre expedition team. He was so amaze with Nepalese hospitality and he thought that mountain expedition can be a possible way to bring peoples’ to Nepal to show one of the beautiful country in the world.  Then 1956 he bring a group of 8 peoples  for Everest Base Camp trekking, the trekking trip became success and he thought to open the travel agency, he helps to give training to guides, Sardar, Sherpas and cook. After this commercial Trekking is started in Nepal.

Types Of Trekking

  1. Camping Trekking
  2. Tea House/Lodge to Lodge Trekking




1.Camping Trekking


Camping trekking is organized by the trekking agencies for mountains trekking and expeditions. The trekking is known as Full board trekking . In this trekking Guide is known as sherpas, who is friendly, have a knowledge about the surroundings and provide security. There will be a team like Trekking leader, GuideSherpa, Cook, Assisatant cook, and Porters. Leaders helps you to show a trekking trails, they are fully knowledgeable about the trekking routes or expeditions. Sherpas are trained to fix a tent and find the best place for a camp. Cook and assistant cook helps trekkers and climber serve  Hygenic  and delicious foods in the trekking and expedition in the mountains. Porters carry Foods, camping equipments, cooking gas,  baggage of the trekkers and climbers and other necessary for trekking.


2.Tea House/Lodge to Lodge Trekking

This is a the organized in the well-developed tourists area such as Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang region where there is a good teahouses and lodges. The trekking agency provide the Guide and porters in this type of trekking. The guide helps visitors to serve the hygenic and healthy food with good accomodation every overnight stay.



  • Autumn(Middle of September-Late November)

This is the main season and very best time to go Nepal for trekking and other adventurous activities. The monsoon rain helps to cleared the sky and the spectacular views of mountains can be seen in this time. This season mostly popular trekking areas are pack full of trekkers. The weather will be mild and it makes trekking more enjoyable and stunning.

  • Winter Season(December-February)

Winter season start in Nepal from December to middle of February throughout Nepal. The sky looks clear but the tempurature will be very cold. If peoples are planning to come Nepal in winter season they have to be well-prepared for  Big snowfall, big snowfall  took places in the northern part of Nepal, the temperature goes very cold and life there will be difficult. Mountains are all covered with snow, and looks beautiful. Trekking and other adventurous are very difficult in winter season.  snow block the many roads and walking trails due to heavy snow fall.


  • Spring Season(March-May)

This is the second best season for trekkers to trek in Nepal. This is the  end of dry season and very best for trekking. The different types of flowers start blooming and it makes the surroundings so beautiful and enjoyable. There will be some snow upto middle of March in Annapurna and Everest Region but after late March there will be no snow in the trails. Afternoon time will be quite warm when there will be bright sun-shine.

  • Monsoon Season(June-August)

This is a rainy season in Nepal and very few trekkers go Nepal for trekking in monsoon. The mountains will be covered by the clouds and there will be very few chances to see mountains but dust will be reduced by the heavy rainfall. Due to heavy rainfall there will be more landslides and mudslides and they block the trails.



Planning to trek in Nepal is often easy. First step are to decide when you are planning to go Nepal and for how long? And when all is fixed and fall into the place you can book a trekking from Connections Nepal Treks and Expedition online.